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Simply Prints Basic Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The listed terms and conditions apply to all kind of partnership and contract between Simply Terms and their Customers.
  • 2. Simply Prints agrees to cater to the varied requirements of the clients/customers as per the written specifications provided. Simply Prints reserves the right to request changes and not adhere to all kinds of demands made by the customer
  • 3. All payments must be made while placing the order in full until and unless a situation is reached after discussion. All payment failures will incur an interest of 8% after 30 days from official date of placing an order.
  • 4. The right to title and ownership remains with Simply Prints until and unless the entire payment is cleared and goods are delivered to the customers. Once the payments are done and goods are delivered, customers own the title and ownership.
  • 5. In events of customers being not satisfied with the end product and willing to place a return or exchange request, the customer is required to submit their request in written format and wait for a reply from Simply Prints. The rights of acting remain with Simply Prints; the company will try its best to place a replacement or return order if the items are not used, the damage is not due to professionals at Simply Prints. The rights of making changes to delivery schedule, return and exchange lies with Simply Prints at all times. Simply Prints is well within in its right to ask for a price in case the changes required are not per the previous agreement.
  • 6. The same terms and conditions will apply to all orders from a specific client until and unless any changes are requested or made
  • 7. To avoid any disputes and to resolve any issues all the English Laws will be applied and the customer agrees to avail a resolution through the English Laws
  • 8. Simply Prints makes it quite clear that all these terms and conditions are not intended to violate the rights of a customer. A customer gets to enjoy his or her statuary rights under all circumstances
  • 9. Email discount coupon codes cannot be applied to bulk orders and orders that requires excessive cstomization
  • 10. There are few products classified as No VAT, additional taxes or charges as per the government laws will be applicable on these products. A customer is liable to pay for the taxes as per the English Laws.
  • 11. Simply Prints is well within in rights to reject or request changes to an order. Simply Prints will have the final call over the execution of the order whether single or bulk in nature. Simply Prints is liable to reject orders if the orders are related to the following in any manner:

  • Words that are offensive or can hurt sentiments of people
  • Graphics that are offensive and hurtful in nature
  • Copyrighted material being accessed unrightfully
  • Images or phrases whose copyright lies with someone else

Simply Prints Return Policy

  • 1. A customer can return any product bought from Simply Prints from the standard range within 28 days of delivery. The customer will have to furnish a return or exchange request in written to Simply Prints. In case the error relies on our side, we will pay for the pickup of the return baggage. Simply Prints will also take responsibility if fault lies on our side and refund the charged amount. The processing of return will take up to 15 days.
  • 2. Until and unless the fault lies on our part, we cannot return or exchange the following products:
    • Items with embroidery work and logo printed on them
    • Items or goods that have been customized according to inputs by customer
    • Goods or items that required procurement of raw material or professionals from outside in order to provide customer with the required services
  • 3. Simply Prints promises to pick up the products eligible for return or exchange within 5 days from the placement of return request
  • 4. Return and Exchange policy doesn’t violate the statuary rights of any customer
  • 5. Simply Prints hold the right to correct the products in case the error lies in manufacturing and production before approving a refund for the customer


  • 1. Delivery of items or products requested through a paid order by customer dependents upon the availability of product.
  • 2. Simply Prints is committed to deliver every order but no one can be hold responsible for late or delayed deliveries
  • 3. The customer must make a telephone call and notify Simply Prints about all the damaged, error or malfunctioning product delivered to them within 48 hrs of receiving the product
  • 4. Simply Prints cannot be held liable for the damages that occurred when the customer requested the delivery agent to leave the package with friends, colleagues or neighbours.
  • 5. The customer must check the quantity and quality of product delivered and report immediately in case of shortage or damaged products being delivered.
  • 6. Any damaged or broken parcel must be checked in the presence of delivery agent and must be signed by the agent
  • 7. The customer must produce a POD receipt when requesting refund for the shortage or damaged products being delivered