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Privacy Policy

Simply Prints understands that you are intrigued about the process of how we collect, harvest, use and exchange data. This privacy policy page is dedicated to answer all your queer questions related to the data we collect.

Collection of Information

Simply Prints records simple data related to your visit on site. The data recorded includes all the pages you have visited, all the products you have interacted with and the collected data will be used to improve your shopping experience on Simply Prints.

Use of Information Collected:

Pushing the requisite trust among you and us, we are stating for what all purposes your data will be used:

  • To process your order as per requested by you
  • For improvement purposes that will enhance the overall experience of users like you
  • To improve advertisements served to users like you. To make ads more relevant and useful to you.
  • To manage and administer this website for a better serving purpose and no spam

When you accept the privacy policy, you agree that you are okay with us contacting you for advertisement, for promotion and for offers related to products you viewed. You are allowing Simply Prints to make use of your data to harvest products, advertisement, recommended products and better user experience.

Non-personal data that may be stored and shared with other people

Simply Prints is a professional enterprise and it understands the importance of your personal data hence it doesn’t involve in practices where data is either exchanged or sold. Any exchange of data that might occur with logistics and other conveying parties are approved from you in advance.

Data Protection

Simply Prints works and operates within the guides established by English Laws. If ever you want to access information we hold about you and your shopping history then you can reach out to us through email and raise a request.

Simply Prints will be more than happy to unsubscribe or remove from you a promotional list as per your request. Your data is safe with us but then it is your choice to whether continue sharing your data with us or not.

By supplying us with information you confirm that you do not consider use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Statement to be a breach of any of your rights under the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999. By entering information on forms or providing us with any personal information you are consenting to us processing that data for our own business use and holding it on our server. If you have consented to receive marketing emails, you may opt out at a later date.

Other websites

Simply Prints contains link from other websites, either these websites are partners or are advertising on our platform.

How we keep your data secure?

Being an industry leader, Simply Prints make use of state-of-the-art technology to safeguard your data and protect it against any kind of misuse.

Updating of Privacy Policy

Any update to privacy policy on Simply Prints will reflect on this page. You can always refer to this privacy policy page for understanding how we collect, use, safeguard and share your data.