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Heat Transfer

Direct to Garment also known as DTG printing, is a considerably new technology which is exceptional for preciseley duplicating photos, illustrations and complex full colour compositions.

Transfer printing is remarkable for vibrant, intense, bright colour designs, and sole colour individual names and numbers;

there is an immense array of colours available from fluorescents to metallic print effects and flock velvet effects.

Full colour transfers provide a resourceful way to print vibrant, durable full colour designs and logos. A few items, due to design intricacy, print arrangement or allocation, may not be applicable for traditional screen printing, but where transfers can display a great substitute. Examples of products where full colour transfers can be implemented superbly are jackets with coated fabrics, lycra sportswear, waterproofs, nylon & polyester drawstring bags, cotton shoppers, jute bags, baseball caps and t-shirts.

Full colour transfers are digitally or lithographically printed, coated with a correct backing material and heat applied to the garment.

Digitally printed vinyl transfers are also a useful and cost-effective way to print full colour logos and designs onto smaller quantities.

There are two main types of transfer printing; both produce varying results and are advance for different types of jobs.

  • CAD cut full colour printing

    A major advantage of vinyl printing is that there aren’t any setup costs involved allowing for short print runs at a very reasonable price. In the CAD Cut process the design is cut out from a transfer vinyl sheet using a machine, then situated over the garment and heat pressed at a great temperature. It is also very flexible and can be used on essentially all types of products. Modern vinyl transfers are tough, durable, bond firmly with the garment and will last a long time if used in care. This printing process can be used to print a extensive range of garments including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, jackets and more.

  • Litho transfer printing

    In this process the artwork is digitally printed onto litho transfer paper and then pressed onto your preferred garment. It can be used to print onto a array of contrasting materials including t-shirts, cotton bags and jackets. Litho printing is long lasting and durable but it should not be washed over 40 degrees or directly ironed on.