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Customised Embroidered Shirts add a Professional Touch

Customised embroidered shirts are a classic choice for business and professional apparel, as well as great looking logos on team apparel, hats, jackets, bags, and more. With customised logo embroidery, the design is stitched by our automated machines on to your apparel for a clean and consistent result. Specialty embroidery is also available which gives your design a raised up look and feel, for a fun twist on stitched logos! With our cheap customised embroidery prices and high quality standards, you'll love your new customised garments. Our team will make any necessary revisions to ensure that your customised embroidered logo will be clean, legible and will add that professional touch you've been longing for. To learn more about our custom embroidery services, check out some of our samples and additional info below. Not only can we do custom embroidered shirts, we also offer other apparel items such as Polo shirts, Shirts, Blouses, Apron, Jacket & Headwear.


Want to learn about the methods used in standard embroidery? Click on the ‘learn more’ icon to discover about the complete embroidery process at Simply Prints, from custom embroidery designs to digitalising to sewing out the apparel and constructing breath taking embroidered pieces!


3D puff embroidery applies an elemental foam substance, which boosts a design up allowing for the 3D impression and presence. By choosing three-dimensional embroidery, your design will really stand out!

Custom Embroidery Done Right at the First Time!

Simply Prints has been doing customised embroidery for over the year. Although many companies offer embroidery, it doesn't mean the quality and finished product will the same. High quality custom embroidered garments are determined by the quality of the digitizing, calibration of machinery and experience of the sewing expert. Each custom embroidery design is digitized specially for the garment that it goes on and each design is tested before application to your products. Did you know that hats are best embroidered from the centre out and polo’s sew from left to right? If you’re past Embroidery Company is using the same sewing methods on all garments, you are not getting the best custom embroidery possible! Put our custom embroidery against any others and you will not be disappointed.