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Artwork Guidelines

While a team of professionals at Simply Prints is always striving to make customer experience smoother and fun but the experience is not entirely dependent upon us. A little support from customers can change the course of action for better. With a little understanding and effort from customers together we can achieve requisite goals with great ease.

Here’s a guideline we expect our customers to follow while sending us their artworks. Following the guideline intricately will make it easier to process your design and deliver it faster at the provided address:

Note: In case you do not have a professional designer, who can create designs for you then we have paid options available for you. Our team of professionals will take inputs from you and draw your desired design with great ease. We charge differently for design creation starting from £25.

Vector AI Files and EPS Files

We at Simply Prints want you to send us either Vector or EPS files. It is easier to use and manage Vector files. You can easily differentiate between a vector file and other by zooming into the edges of the design. A vector illustration file does not wear off from the ends when zoomed.

Pantone Spot Colours

Our team of professionals want you to send us designs in which all the colours are converted into spot colour. When the colours are converted into spot colour, it becomes easier for us to select any particular colour and make changes if required. The colours tend to differ in screen-print hence having access to raw file with spot colours, allows us to make changes quite easily.

Embedding fonts and converting fonts to path

If you are sending us your Logo for print and if your Logo has a few texts in it then we suggest you to send us a file in which all the fonts are embedded. With embedded fonts, it is easier on our part to make changes as per the print or final product. Changing your fonts into path changes them into a part of the graphic and they no more remain texts, which ensures that the exact design gets printed on the final product.

Adobe PDF Files

All these files in Adobe PDF Format must be unlocked and created in Vector format assisting us with easier access and quality print.

Embroidery (High Resolution JPG, BMP, TIF, EPS, AI)

When it comes to embroidery we are open to all formats, it’s just that customer will have to ensure that the quality provided is very high otherwise the end product might suffer.

If you are getting your Logo converted into embroidery for the first time and then a nominal fee of £15 will be applicable and then no fees will be charged on reprints or reuse of the logo.